MCA Course Structure (CBCS)

The credit system is applicable as per norms of Savitribai Phule Pune University. Student has to study & give examination for total 30 Theory subjects, 17 Practicals/ Mini Projects and One Project Work during 6 semesters.

  • Total Credit for the course - 160 credits (i.e. 4000 Marks)
  • Credit for 5 semesters (I to V )- 27 credits each(i.e 700 * 5 =3500 marks)
  • Project work of 21 credits at semester VI (i.e. 500 Marks)
  • No of Subjects with Full credit (4 credits i.e. 100 marks) are 26
  • No of Subjects with 3/4 credit (3 credits i.e. 70 marks) are 5
  • No of Subjects with half credit (2 credits i.e. 50 marks) are 10
  • No of Subjects with 1/4 credit (1 credits i.e. 30 marks) are 5
Semester I
Code Subject
IT 11 Fundamentals of Computer
IT 12 C Programming with Data Structure
IT 13 Software Engineering
BM 11 Principles & Practices of Management and Organizational Behavior
BM 12 Business Process Domains*
IT12L C& DS Lab
Soft Skills
SS11 Word Power
Semester II
Code Subject
IT 21 Essential of Operating System
IT 22 Web Technologies
IT 23 Core Java
IT 24 Essential of Networking
MT21 Discrete Mathematics
BM 21 Essential of Marketing
IT22L Mini Project Using Web Technology
IT23L Core Java Lab
Soft Skills
SS21 Oral Communication
Semester III
Code Subject
Common Subjects for all tracks for Semester III
MTC31 Probability & Combinations
ITC 31 Multimedia Tools for Presentation*
SS C31 Soft Skills Presentation*
IT 24 Essential of Networking
Track I Software & Application Development
TI IT31 Advance Data Structure & C++ Programming
TI IT32 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
TI IT33 Object Oriented Analysis & Design
TI IT34 Advance Internet Technology
TI IT31L DS& C++ Lab
TI IT34L Mini Project Using AIT
Track II Infrastructure & Security Management
T2 IT31 IT Infrastructure Architecture
T2 IT32 Data Center Architecture & Storage Management
T2 IT33 Introduction to Information Security
T2 IT34 Office Automation Tools
T2 IT31L Mini Project on IT Architecture & Information Security
T2 IT34L Office Automation Tools
Track III Information Management & Quality Control
T3 IT31 Enterprise Resource Planning
T3 IT32 Data Communication & Computer Networks
T3 IT33 Data Warehouse, Mining, BI Tools & Application
T3 IT34 Information Security & Audit
T2 IT33L BI Tools Lab
Track IV Networking
T4 IT31 Network Administration
T4 IT32 Windows Server Configuration
T4 IT33 IT Infrastructure Architecture
T4 IT34 Linux Administration I
T4 IT31L Network Administration Lab I
T4 IT32L Server configuration Lab(Windows & Linux)
Semester IV
Code Subject
Common Subjects for all tracks for Semester IV
ITC41 Optimization Techniques
ITC42 Research Methodology & Statistical Tools
SS C41 Soft Skills Interview
IT 24 Essential of Networking
Track I Software & Application Development
TI IT41 Advance Java
TI IT42 Python Programming
TI IT43 Advance DBMS
TI IT44 Cloud Computing
TI IT41L Advance Java Lab
TI IT42L Python Programming Lab
Track II Infrastructure & Security Management
T2 IT41 Identity & Access Management
T2 IT42 IT Advisory Services
T2 IT43 Infrastructure Security Audit
T2 IT44 Enterprise Solutions Architecture
T2 IT41L Identity & Access Management Lab
T2 IT42L Mini project on IT Advisory Services& Enterprise Solutions Architecture
Track III Information Management & Quality Control
T3 IT41 E Commerce & Knowledge Management
T3 IT42 Cyber Laws & Intellectual Property Rights
T3 IT43 Customer Relationship Management & Supply Chain Management
T3 IT44 Software Quality Assurance & Control
T3 IT43L8 Mini Project Based on CM & SCM
T2 IT44L9 Software Quality Assurance Lab
Track IV Networking
T4 IT41 Network Administration
T4 IT42 Internet of Things
T4 IT43 Linux Administration
T4 IT44 Wireless Networks
T4 IT41L Virtualization Lab
T4 IT44L9 Wireless Network Lab
Semester V
Code Subject
Common Subjects for all tracks for Semester IV
ITC51 Software Project Management
ITC51P Project
SS C51 Soft Skills Group Discussion
Track I Software & Application Development
TI IT51 ASP.Net Using C#
TI IT52 Service Oriented Architecture
TI IT53 Big Data Analysis
TI IT54 Mobile Application Development
TI IT51L Mini Project Using ASP.Net
TI IT52L Mini Project Using Mobile Application Development
Track II Infrastructure & Security Management
T2 IT51 Quality Verification
T2 IT52 Infrastructure Auditing & Implementation
T2 IT53 IT Service Management
T2 IT54 Digital & E-business Infrastructure defense
T2 IT52L Mini project on Infrastructure Audit
T2 IT54L Design of digital and e-business infrastructure & security mechanism
Track III Information Management & Quality Control
T3 IT51 Software Testing & Tools
T3 IT52 Entrepreneurship Development
T3 IT53 Decision Support System
T3 IT54 Business Architecture
T3 IT51L CASE Tools Lab
T2 IT52L Activities based on Entrepreneurship Development
Track IV Networking
T4 IT51 Network Routing Algorithms
T4 IT52 Computer & Network Security
T4 IT53 Cloud Architecture & Security
T4 IT54 Unified Communication
T4 IT52L Computer & Network Security Lab
T4 IT53L Cloud Building within Organization
Semester VI
Code Subject
Common Subjects
ITC61 Open Subject for each track
ITC61P Project